Monday, July 7, 2014

Lawson's brews news!

Hi All! Here is important skinny on LFL brews for the next two weeks:

This week's beer is our very special once-a-year maple sap beer - 2013 Maple Tripple Ale! It takes over a year to produce, is aged in maple liquor barrels, is hand corked and caged, and clocks in at 12% ABV....a labor of love! It is available in very limited quantities at stores and this is the only beer going out for delivery this week, so take note. Suggested retail pricing is $25-$27/500ml bottle, and customers will be limited to one bottle per person.

Next weekend 7/18-19 is Vermont Brewers Festival! If you have tickets and want to know more about what is pouring at the fest, visit their website. If you don't have tickets....sorry, try again next year! In stores on 7/17-18 you will find our Super Session #2 (4.2%) - a single hop session IPA brewed with Amarillo on this batch, and our collaboration with the Vermont Pub and Brewery, Spruce Tip IPA (6.8%)! The Spruce Tip IPA will tentatively also be available in bottles at the VBP.

Next up....drum roll please......
Our Sip of Sunshine IPA label has been approved by the TTB! Yeehaw! And SOS 3.0 (that's batch #3...that I brewed at Two Roads on July 1) will tentatively hit Vermont in 22oz bottles for the Vermont Brewers Festival weekend! Wicked psyched! Each batch will have slight variations in the recipe that you may or may not notice, as I work on getting it exactly the way that I intend. If all goes as planned (and that's a *big* IF until it is on the truck for delivery to the stores), we hope to debut this beer in 22oz bottles on Saturday July 19th on VT Brewers Fest weekend. It will also continue to be available on draught at our regular accounts in Vermont. We are only producing one batch per month at this time, so for the near term, it will only be available in our current VT accounts. We will post more about our plans for this beer in the next few weeks.

Friday, July 4, 2014

Happy 4th!

Waitsfield Farmers Market

9:00AM - 1:00PM

July 5th Beer List

Bottle limits listed below

Double Sunshine IPA (8%) - $9/22oz - LIMIT 4/person
Knockout Blonde Ale (5%) - $7/22oz - LIMIT 2/person
Super Session IPA #1 (Citra; 4.2%) - $7/22oz - LIMIT 2/person
2013 Maple Tripple Ale (new release! - 12%) - $25/500ml - LIMIT 4/person

How does the market work? When do I show up?...FAQ'S

  • Early arrivals (before 9am) - PLEASE do not park around the perimeter of the Mad River Green where the market is held. These areas are essential to vendors unloading and setting up for the market.
  • We have a deli-style number system in place and will begin handing out numbered tickets by 8:00am at the Mad Taco in Waitsfield. Please note, if more people line up than we have tickets for, we will begin handing out the tickets at that time. At 9am, if any beer tickets remain - the hand-outs will move to the farmers market area. LOOK FOR THE MAN IN THE LAWSON'S SOMBRERO! 
  • These BEER TICKET numbers will be on an order form with the list of beers and bottle limits so that you can have your order ready (please fill out the form). There is a schedule on the reverse side with the approximate time window to visit our table. We have a lighted LED number sign that is visible from a distance with the current number being served. If you miss your number, you may get into line at the table to be served.
  • We have enough beer so that everyone who gets a numbered ticket will have the opportunity to purchase up to 4 bottles of Double Sunshine IPA. Other beers are more limited in quantity will be available on a first-come first-served basis.
  • The MAD TACO breakfast buffet starts at 8AM and is a fundraiser for the Fowler Family Fund and the Warren Skate park. The buffet is $15/person or $20 with a cask pour of LFL Super Session #2 (Amarillo single hop).
  • Plan to wait at least 1-2 hours after collecting your number before your turn arrives. Plan to shop at the other vendors who will be offering an amazing selection of farm fresh vegetables, meats, cheeses, breads, baked goods, crafts, gifts, maple syrup, and much more! 
  • Please do not wait at our table. The market has a limited amount of space, and unless you are actively shopping at other vendors or enjoying some of the prepared foods and beverages at the tables in the green, then you are blocking other customer's access to vendors at the market. Please also note that the picnic tables at the market are intended for people who are purchasing prepared food and drinks at the market. Please do not sit at the picnics as a place to just hang out.
  • Beer sales begin at 9am. At the summer outdoor market, we also offer glassware, including our new 16oz Willi Becher, 16oz Pint, and 13oz Belgian-style Tulip, and all glasses will be specially priced at $6 each including VT Sales Tax!
  • Lawson's Finest does not accept credit cards. Cash or local check only. Thank you.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Summer time brews!

This week's bottle variety is Double Sunshine IPA!

Please note that we have reduced the bottle limit on this beer to 2 bottles/person at the Warren Store. The limits remain the same as always (1 per person) at Beverage Warehouse in Winooski and Hunger Mountain Co-op in Montpelier.

At all of our draft accounts, you will find the Sip of Sunshine IPA (8%) on tap regularly. This is a beer that I brew once per month at Two Roads Brewing in Stratford, CT (see April 4 post for more details).


The bottle variety at the stores will be Knockout Blonde Ale!

Waitsfield Farmer's Market - July 5th 

9:00 am to 1:00 pm, while supplies last 
(Numbered ticket required!)

Please see our post regarding the May 24 Waitsfield Farmer's Market for more detailed general info on how the market number system works. On July 5th, we will be handing out tickets beginning at 8:00am at the Mad Taco in Waitsfield across the street from the Farmers Market. There is no charge for the numbered ticket - it provides a system to hold your place in line to purchase at beer at the market.  The Mad Taco will be serving a breakfast buffet beginning at 8am and tapping a special cask of Lawson's Finest (details to be posted next week).

There will be a numbered schedule on the reverse side of the number ticket with a beer order form. This is the approximate time for you to visit our booth and purchase your beer.

July 5th Beer List

Bottle limits will be posted prior to the Market

Double Sunshine IPA (8%) - $9/22oz
Knockout Blonde Ale (5%) - $7/22oz
Super Session IPA #1 (Citra; 4.2%) - $7/22oz
2013 Maple Tripple Ale (new release! - 12%) - $25/500ml